Web Dashboards and Reporting

With our solutions you keep all production data in view

In the age of Industry 4.0, data needs to be constantly and continuously collected, assessed and transferred into information. Access to this data must be nonreactive, simple and possible from anywhere in the world. Web dashboards offer the possibility of preparing and displaying information graphically while also making it viewable on mobile devices. Meaningful cyclical reports or KPI statistics can be created from the existing data and provide important insights. We support our customers in dealing with their production data and information and help them to make the best possible use of the resulting potential.

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Our Services

  • Conceptual design and implementation of data recording and long-term storage, site-independent both onshore and offshore
  • Creation of access to the information via web browser with own user administration or integration of an active directory
  • Data analysis and generation of new information, normalization of data, such as energy consumption per m² or formation of KPIs
  • Generation of cyclical reports
  • Integration of alarm databases or formation of alarms, as well as the generation of hit lists of alarms

Sucess Factors

  • Fast and easy access to production data via browser, without installation of plugins
  • High data security and secure communication
  • Information available across locations, with benchmarks also possible