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As a system-independent partner for automation and IT, we develop precisely customized solutions for process automation, digitalization and artificial intelligence. Our sector focus is on pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, water/wastewater and natural gas. However, our customized, future-oriented solutions are also increasingly in demand in other sectors, such as retail.
More than 180 employees work at eight different locations in Germany and abroad, successfully implementing local customer projects in the context of Industry 4.0. Our vision is to tap into potentials that make processes not only more efficient but also safer, cheaper and easier to operate. In doing so, we bring no less than 30 years of expertise and experience to the table. Two core areas form the heart of our company: onoff engineering gmbh and onoff it-solutions gmbh.

onoff engineering gmbh

Process engineering plants are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This makes it even more important that you have a partner you can rely on – a partner who responds to the needs and developmental stages of each system with expertise and experience. Your benefits? Greater productivity, reliability and quality.

onoff it-solutions gmbh

IT solutions only deserve their name if they are precisely aligned with all your production processes and carefully link systems, locations, hierarchies, and especially the people they affect. What do you get out of this? More efficiency at all levels.
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