Sector: Stationary retail

Increase Transparency, Optimize Operating Costs

– anywhere and anytime

Introduction of a condition monitoring system
Sustained reduction of operating costs
Establishment of a prediction system

The challenge

In each of the many branches of our customer (a food retailer), energy is consumed: For cooling, heating, ventilation and lighting. Up to now, each branch was responsible for managing its own electricity consumption. Collection of the consumption data played a minor role and was carried out manually and independently in each store. This procedure was not only tedious and errorprone, it was anything but economical – and certainly not in keeping with a sustainable energy concept, which the food retailer has long aspired to. As a result, expenditure on energy differed considerably, and in many cases was well above the ideal values.
To guarantee optimal, climate-friendly energy management for all stores, onoff introduced the condition monitoring system InfoCarrier® RAMP. The system collects the relevant data measured in each store centrally and permits access to it at any time from any location. The existing systems were retained as part of the process. onoff linked the non-Industry 4.0-capable components and connected them to a central cloud via IoT connectors. Now that they’re automated, the processes run much more reliably.

Less Effort, Fewer Errors

The centralized data acquisition not only eliminates the high cost of maintenance that was previously done manually. The condition monitoring system minimizes human error and other risks in the stores, such as air conditioning or alarm system failures. Employees now bear less responsibility and have more time for other tasks. Yet the new condition monitoring system does much more than just report or monitor current consumption data. It takes external sources such as weather forecasts at each location into account, using this information to react to temperature fluctuations at an early stage so energy can be purchased at comparatively low prices.

“The new system can predict not only if the unit will fail, but also when.”

Multiconnector / IoT Gateway

Cloud-based / browser-based

Touchscreen information panel

What’s Better Than Knowing? Knowing Ahead of Time!

Thanks to the new system, our customer can make wellinformed
decisions and valuable forecasts for energy
management. The central optimization of all systems
has made it possible to significantly reduce energy
consumption and CO2 emissions. This doesn’t only allow
our customer to save costs; it improves their image in
a sustainable and climate-friendly market – one of the
most important competitive advantages today.