Maintain and Continuously Improve IT Security

Customer: gas storage operator

Sector: Energy Production and Distribution

On-site service: commitment out of conviction

Customer: Producer of specialty chemicals
Sector: Chemical Industry

Simplified handling despite strict regulations

Customer: Pharmaceutical manufacturer
Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Optimal utilization of production raw materials

Customer: Dairy company
Sector: Foods and luxury foods

Sustainability at the touch of a button

Customer: Municipal water board
Sector: Water/Wastewater

A secure foundation for climate-friendly powertrains in ships

Customer: Manufacturer of liquefied natural gas plants

Sector: Vessel shipping

Monitoring with usability and prediction

Customer: Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Increase Transparency, Optimize Operating Costs

Customer: Full-range food retailer
with nationwide branch network
Sector: Stationary retail

Quality management

The onoff group ensures high quality by working with all of its customers as partners to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we pursue an economical zero-error strategy: the causes of detected errors are eliminated to prevent them from occurring a second time. The onoff group’s quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. You can find the current certificates in our download area.