Sector: Chemical Industry

On-site service: commitment out of conviction

Maintenance and repair of process control system
On-site service at customer location
Significant relief for the customer’s team

The challenge

Our customer produces ultrapure fine chemicals as intermediates for various industries. To ensure that all processes run smoothly and without errors, close monitoring of the plants is urgently required – for example, to prevent chemicals from being contaminated. Whereas the company previously carried out various maintenance and repair measures itself – which required the allocation of many staff members – these activities are now carried out by an external partner: onoff GmbH. As an on-site service provider, onoff GmbH deploys its own employees at the customer’s location – if necessary even around the clock. This includes a comprehensive on-call service.

Long-term cooperation

The risks associated with process engineering plants in the chemical industry are very similar to those in the pharmaceutical sector, and onoff GmbH has a great deal of knowledge of and experience in both. onoff was not only significantly involved in the initial installation of the customer’s plants nearly 30 years ago; it was also responsible for the calibration of quality-related measuring points and the programming of the entire process control system. onoff has the necessary local knowledge and the expertise in safety regulations that are necessary to fully maintain the entire plant and to remedy electrical malfunctions. This is valuable specialist knowledge that the customer may only be able to find intermittently.

„onoff employees identify with the plant as though it were theirs, and are motivated to maintain it.“

  • Calibration of process measuring equipment
  • Installation of control systems
  • Exhaust air measurements

Solid insider knowledge

Since the onoff team was partly involved in installing the plant, they have an exceptionally high level of knowledge, identification and motivation regarding all maintenance tasks. In addition, the team has continually followed all changes in technical requirements. Our customer not only saves on personnel costs by deploying external staff as needed; they also gain a competitive advantage. Experience shows that control-intensive activities such as process monitoring and maintenance are more reliable if they are performed externally. Our customer’s employees are available for other demanding tasks while onoff reliably takes over all maintenance tasks – especially in critical areas.