Cyber Security

With our experience we protect your assets and data

Industry 4.0 stands for the networking and overarching communication of IT systems in the process industry and offers enormous advantages for manufacturing and production. At the same time, the threat from cyber attacks is growing. With our many years of experience in automation technology and the associated risks, we know exactly where to start and offer our customers individually customized advice and solutions.

cyber security

Our Services

  • Development and implementation of cyber security concepts for new and existing plants
  • Security check for your systems
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Network analysis
  • Securing remote maintenance access
  • Application whitelisting
  • Industrial vulnerability management (IVM)
  • Establishment of safety zones

Sucess Factors

  • Protection of expertise and data against industrial espionage
  • Prevention of high financial damages
  • Protection against image loss
  • Minimization of data loss risk
  • Compliance with strict regulatory requirements and conditions

Review your production!

onoff provides customized solutions not only for KRITIS operators

The IT Security Act 2.0 (ITSIG 2.0) requires operators of critical infrastructures and companies in the special public interest to implement an attack detection system by May 1, 2023. With the upcoming EU NIS2 directive, it is foreseeable that the use of attack detection will also become mandatory for other infrastructure operators.

Our analysis helps you review your production facilities and systems corresponding to future requirements. Together with our experts, we develop measures that protect your systems against attacks.

Cyber Security Check

We analyze your plant and production on site with our experts according to all important OT security criteria. We help you secure your production system with targeted measures.

onoff Security Analysis

We use IRMA® Security Appliance to examine the status of your industrial networks. The results of our analysis provide a transparent system overview and form the basis for our suggestions for optimizing and improving your OT security.