Alarm Management and Escalation

False or unimportant alarms, as well as alarms that are routinely acknowledged or even ignored out of habit, represent a high risk in practice. A detailed alarm management system can help here. Together with our customers, we create plans to analyze and prioritize the alarms. The result: false alarms and bursts of alarms are reduced, response time to critical situations is improved and safety is increased.

Our Services

  • Message analysis to reduce alarms and avoid bursts of alarms, including creation of “hit lists”
  • Increase of alarm quality: identification of false or old alarms
  • Analysis of control loops, alarm limits and parameters to avoid alarms due to parameters that are incorrect or too tightly set
  • Forwarding of high-priority alarms
  • Display of additional information and instructions for action to eliminate alarms

Success Factors

  • Increase of plant safety and plant availability
  • Increase of operator effectiveness in responding to alarms
  • Relief of operator workload and focus response on important alarms
  • Minimization of risks to safety, health and the environment