InfoCarrier® EMS — Environmental Monitoring System

Our system records and visualizes relevant environmental data for safe production

The Environmental Monitoring System of the InfoCarrier® (EMS) records, visualizes and documents conditions of the production environment, such as temperatures, pressures, humidities, particle quantities, as well as, for example, equipment values such as temperatures of freezer cells/cabinets. And it does this from both stationary and mobile sensors. For this purpose, we use standardized modules developed and pretested in-house by onoff, which can be extended with additional functions such as gradient calculation, automatic limit value adjustment, data buffering or batch-related reporting. With InfoCarrier® EMS, customer-specific requirements for the system can be realized and precisely implemented in widespread automation systems, such as SIEMENS S7/Tia; PCS7 or also Wonderware InTouch.

Our Services

  • Standardized monitoring functions according to many years of best practice experience
  • Prequalified onoff scale based on established industry components and standard software
  • GMP and FDA compliance where required
  • Efficient qualification and validation of the system
  • Everything from a single source: planning, implementation, commissioning and after-sales support
  • Modularity: components and functions can be connected or disconnected as required
  • Flexible reporting functions, for traceable and documented production conditions at any time

Sucess Factors

  • Many years of expertise in automation technology and regulated industries (GMP environment)
  • Production automation and monitoring system combined on one technical platform
  • Affordable and easy to maintain – even during the operating phase
  • Professional and lean alarm management
  • Continuous storage of measured values, alarms, events and AuditTrail data
  • Consideration of individual interfaces