InfoCarrier® BOXI – Industry 4.0 Interface

We offer customized solutions for modern interface communication

Networking systems that don’t speak the same language pose a recurring challenge in the industry. For this reason, onoff has developed InfoCarrier® BOXI, an innovative, modular solution that significantly reduces the effort needed to integrate systems with each other. Prebuilt best practice workflows and universal connectors allow efficient coverage of different use cases. We additionally develop customized solutions for our customers and thus offer a cost-efficient way to also make legacy systems and brownfield plants ready for Industry 4.0.

Our Services

  • Consulting, implementation and configuration of interfaces
  • Many years of experience in connecting a wide range of existing systems
  • Possibility of developing customized solutions
  • Maintenance and after-sales support

Success Factors

  • System platform with universal connectors, for example for
    DCS, MES and OPC UA
  • Significant time savings and error reduction thanks to extensive decoupling of the project planning of the connected systems through standardized data exchange
  • Efficient commissioning and project planning by using predefined, reusable best practice workflows (e.g., create batches, read and write parameters, receive notifications)
  • Translation of obsolete interface technologies into state-of-the-art communication protocols
  • Adaptation of existing software and systems is normally not necessary

You want to know more? Here you will find a concrete use case for the service.