Individual Software Development

Individual software solutions for every problem

The standard software products used today in the area of production-related IT and process automation often do not fully cover far-reaching customer requirements, especially when it comes to Industry 4.0 and the resulting digital transformation. The development of effective solutions for the technical and organizational control of industrial production plant operation requires software expertise and extensive knowledge of the respective plant profile and its integration into the company’s infrastructure.

Our Services

  • Software solutions for specific tasks
  • Data interfaces and process interfaces that go beyond the limits of standard SW
  • Complete, database-based software solutions for tasks that do not require a full MES system
  • Requirements and process analysis
  • Development of specifications in cooperation with the customer

Sucess Factors

  • Extensive knowledge of many IT, MES and automation systems, as well as the interfaces supported in each case
  • In-depth production expertise – especially in the process industry
  • Extensive experience in process automation and IT (e.g., data and system security, virtualization)
  • Experienced software architects, high-level language and database developers