Edge Computing and Cloud Systems

We accompany your way into the cloud

Edge computing close to the plant for the use of IT-based plant data analyses and visualizations in conjunction with cloud-based data storage and data processing systems help to identify and implement economic optimization potential. As one of the most important partners of SIEMENS, we support our customers in the use of systems such as Siemens Industrial Edge and Siemens Mindsphere. Customer-specific hardware and software requirements can be integrated in customized solutions.

cloud computing

Our Services

  • Implementation of industry edge computing and cloud systems
  • Development of customer-specific apps to leverage special optimization potentials
  • Consulting and support throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Flexible adaptation to existing customer-specific software and hardware

Sucess Factors

  • Early detection of maintenance requirements to avoid malfunctions
  • Optimization of maintenance intervals
  • Process optimization
  • Reduction of energy consumption