Merger with subsidiary: SpiraTec paves the way fo further growth

onoff GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of SpiraTec AG, merges with the parent company on May 17, 2024. The combination of resources, know-how and teams forms a strong foundation for future expansion plans of the SpiraTec Group.

The onoff Group companies have been part of the SpiraTec Group since 2022. The reason for merging the companies a good two years ago was the ideal complement to the portfolio and the respective expertise in the process industry. The acquisition enabled teams and expertise in the specialist areas of Industrial IT and Industrial Automation to be merged and further strengthened. In addition, new service areas and services such as Digital Twin and Electrical Assembly and Construction were added to the portfolio.

onoff GmbH merged with SpiraTec AG on May 17, 2024. The companies onoff engineering gmbh and onoff it-solutions gmbh will subsequently also be transferred to SpiraTec AG.

One of SpiraTec’s main strategic objectives is the holistic approach of its services – this is being consistently implemented with the merger and amalgamation. The existing and newly acquired technological expertise can now be offered from a single source and with a broader regional presence. The SpiraTec Group currently employs more than 600 people at over 40 locations in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and the USA.

The two SpiraTec CEOs Frank Heines and Andreas Schadt agree: “Thanks to the merger, we can access new geographical markets and customer segments under one roof. Recently, for example, we strengthened our presence in northern Germany and our contacts in the maritime industry sector by opening a branch in Kiel. With our combined strength, we will now not only serve larger and more complex customer projects, but also expand our range of services. Heiko Kröber, Managing Director of onoff engineering gmbh, is also convinced: “The last two years have shown how well the cooperation between the companies works and what potential it has. By merging the two companies, we are acting as a unified company both internally and externally. Both we as a group and our customers will benefit from this.”

Onoff automation services gmbh, which specializes in switchgear construction and assembly, remains unaffected by the changes in company law and will continue to operate on the market as a wholly-owned subsidiary of SpiraTec AG. Frank Jahr and Heiko Kröber will take over the management of onoff automation services gmbh.

Outlook: Internationalization

The merger also has an impact on the network of locations: By consolidating local responsibilities, new management capacities can be created. This is an important prerequisite for the further internationalization of the SpiraTec Group. SpiraTec France SAS, a new company headquartered in Paris, was only founded in March 2024. Expansion into other European markets such as Switzerland, Denmark and the Benelux countries is planned.


The two board members of SpiraTec AG Andreas Schadt and Frank Heines – Copyright: SpiraTec AG


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