Explosion Protection

We offer protection for automated equipment

Safety always has top priority – this applies in particular for the protection of automated systems in potentially explosive areas. As a competent partner, we advise and support our customers in choosing the right components, system topologies and connections. Our focus is on the functional requirements of the automated solution concept, from diagnostic capability and expandability to maintenance concerns and servicing, as well as the correct selection of protocols.

explosion protection

Our Services

  • Electrical design and configuration of the automation components
  • Configuration of the bus systems including diagnostic functions and analysis
  • Coordination and realization of the electrical interconnection system in the ex area
  • Design and realization of requirement-compliant transition from the non-ex to the ex area
  • Assembly, adjustment, calibration and commissioning of the automation solution in the ex area
  • Application-oriented consulting and implementation of the operating, observation and input elements

Sucess Factors

  • Interdisciplinary conception, assessment and implementation
  • Seamless coordination of the automation components
  • Support and implementation of the entire project cycle