Digital Twin

With digital images to the optimized process

The digital twin opens up a wide range of possibilities for making development and production processes more efficient, more time-saving and of higher quality. onoff supports its customers on the path of digital engineering with the aim of making engineering processes more qualified, less risky and more parallel. The focus is always on the optimal solution for the requirements and tasks of our customers.

Our Services

  • Digital models, planning variants and specifications
  • Plant and machine simulation with material flow and data behavior
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Digital real-time models for cycle time determination and increased productivity
  • Risk-free implementation of retrofits
  • Digital twin – for optimization, expansion, maintenance of plants and for qualification and training of employees
  • Conception and development of standards in automation (synchronization real – virtual/digital)

Sucess Factors

  • Increased efficiency through digital planning of factories and plants
  • Continuous value creation from planning to advanced engineering processes to the digital twin
  • Retrofit: shortening of conversion times while minimizing the risk for restarting
  • Qualification of the software through virtual commissioning
  • Reduction of real commissioning time and associated travel costs
  • Digital twin – analysis of past production for optimization of productivity