InfoCarrier® RAMP — Condition Monitoring System

With cloud-based monitoring, we ensure your plant availability and product quality

Constant networking and increasing amounts of data from ever more decentralized, globally distributed systems (such as supermarkets, plants, factories, etc.) regardless of their size, are ubiquitous. We bring this data together in our condition monitoring system InfoCarrier® RAMP, support our customers in exploiting the potential of this data and derive important insights for processes and digital services. This makes us a one-stop provider with the necessary industry-specific expertise to support plant operators.


Our Services

  • Connection of regionally existing systems and collection of all necessary system information
  • Consolidation and storage of data from all connected systems in a central, uniform structure
  • Comprehensive reporting from different systems
  • Development of KPI systems for online analyses, system comparisons and customer-specific assessments
  • Web-based, global monitoring of historical and current system status, KPIs and optimization opportunities
  • System predictions about possible maintenance efforts and warning in case of anomalies

Sucess Factors

  • Cloud-based monitoring and benchmarking of assets and processes
  • Ensuring permanent plant availability and product quality
  • Possibility of worldwide system comparisons
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Identification of savings potentials
  • Reduction of energy and operating costs
  • Web-based service and maintenance management