Device-integrated Fire Protection

Automated fire protection for your electrical equipment

Around 30% of all fires in industry are caused by electricity and are sometimes difficult to detect within equipment. In such cases, equipment-integrated fire protection is the solution of choice as an important addition to a holistic fire protection concept. The advantages are obvious: the fire is fought at its source and high costs caused by fire damage are prevented.

Our Services

  • Installation and regular testing of the extinguishing system in your equipment
  • Timely extinguishing of an incipient fire by an Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguishing Unit (AMFE)
  • Fire extinguishing within a few seconds by means of thermal ampoules that trigger a mechanism and release extinguishing agent when a certain temperature is reached
  • Automatic device directly connected to the unit to immediately cut off the power supply to the unit to prevent further damage
  • Different cylinder sizes from 0.06 – 1.5 m³ extinguishing volume

Sucess Factors

  • TÜV-certified extinguishers according to the highest standards (ARGE guideline) – can be used in all electrical appliances
  • The extinguishing agent used is non-toxic, non-conductive, non-corrosive and leaves no residue behind
  • Avoidance of business interruptions due to fires or fire damage