Construction and Assembly Management

A comprehensive understanding of plants and automation is required for construction and assembly management (side management). Our many years of practical experience, especially in the management of complex construction site processes, allows us to offer our customers competent support across the entire project area and to assist customers with organization, supplier monitoring, and quality control as an extension of the team of specialists assigned to the customer.

Our Services

  • Monitoring and control of installation, E/I&C assembly and commissioning of control technology in process automation according to DIN VDE
  • Organization, monitoring and testing of functional tests
  • Specialist supervision of trial operation and transfer tests
  • Support of the end customer in dealing with supplier personnel and in disposition of materials
  • Consistent project management in coordination with and on behalf of the end customer
  • Efficient interface and change management as well as integrated document management
  • Coordination and embedding of supplier construction and assembly activities into the overall project schedule
  • Monitoring of work safety regulations

Success Factors

  • Expert support as an extension of the customer team
  • Implementation of projects in compliance with standards and regulations
  • Intensive organizational and technical supplier support