Batch Systems

We ensure the quality of your products

For all requirements of the batch-oriented process industry, batch systems – as an extension of the process control systems – represent the effective approach to automation solutions. Together with our customers, we develop these solutions and implement recipe-based systems in accordance with the ISA S-88 (IEC 61512) standard. The aim is to enable the flexible mapping of highly complex processes and the adaptation of control processes to changing market requirements or products.


Our Services

  • Structuring of the process, the plant and the production recipe according to S-88
  • Multiple years of expertise in using the batch systems of SIEMENS AG (SIMATIC Batch) and AVEVA GmbH (Batch Management formerly InBatch)
  • In existing plants, use of the onoff SIMATIC BATCH add-on Batch Listener (extension of existing systems with automatic functions such as closing, archiving or deletion of batches)

Success Factors

  • Flexible implementation of batch production
  • Highly flexible plant utilization (multipurpose plants)
  • Complete product documentation
  • Relief of the plant operators
  • Process optimization