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Young engineers in conversation with onoff

In front of the young professionals’ circle of the Association of German Engineers e.V. (VDI), Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schmidt, Technical Manager Research and Development of onoff engineering, gave a presentation on “Cloud-based artificial intelligence for energy optimization in globally distributed systems.”

The young engineers’ circle of the Gesellschaft für Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik (GMA) forms the interface to the young engineers’ divisions of the VDI and VDE and serves as a platform for exchange and networking among young engineers. Numerous young engineers informed themselves intensively online about the current state of the development of cloud computing. The in-house product InfoCarrier® RAMP, a cloud-based monitoring system that can be used in the maritime, retail and pharmaceutical industries, was presented in detail by Frank Schmidt.

“I am always pleased when we can take the opportunity to exchange ideas with the next generation of engineers and share our current state of research with our many years of expertise in process automation,” said presenter Frank Schmidt.