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Cooperation Anne-Frank-Gymnasium and onoff engineering gmbh Werne

The onoff engineering gmbh at the Werne site and the Anne-Frank-Gymnasium Werne will cooperate in the future in order to give pupils an understanding of the MINT subjects through a wide range of practical teaching content and activities and at the same time offer support in career orientation. This includes the supervision of subject-related work, various presentations in the lessons and also company visits or career choice internships for the students in the company itself.

The Anne-Frank-Gymnasium Werne is known throughout the country for its “Digital School” project and, as a MINT-EC school, has the only school-based Maker Space in the region. In addition to using iPads in the classroom, starting as early as 5th grade, the school can enable students in STEM subjects to program themselves and implement hands-on projects in the prototype workshop. Particularly with the project course “AI for Girls”, the school, together with the Fraunhofer Application Center Hamm, is committed to ensuring that more women work in STEM professions in the future. onoff, with its many years of expertise in automation, not only helps to get young people excited about the career field of engineers, but also uses targeted cooperative teaching content to train them in future-oriented topics, such as artificial intelligence and digital twin with real-world examples.

The cooperation was signed by Patrick Heedt (2nd from left, onoff engineering gmbh), Marcel Damberg (4th from left), Marius Gregg, Maik Bäumer and Julia Krickau (from left to right) are also pleased.

More information about the Anne-Frank-Gymnasium can be found here .