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250 days Spiratec and onoff: A hidden champion picks up speed

250 days ago we were able to publish the news of the merger of SpiraTec AG and onoff AG. Under the title „A new hidden champion emerges“, the companies launched as the SpiraTec Group on March 29, 2022.

Numerous face-to-face meetings across all corporate levels followed this event. Within the framework of constructive strategy meetings, the focus was on developing common goals. At activities such as technological workshops, summer parties and mountain hikes, we continue to grow together and strengthen the basis of trusting cooperation.

On the customer side, we succeeded in presenting the merger of the two companies in a transparent and comprehensible way, and we are already looking forward to the first joint projects as the SpiraTec Group. In working groups relevant to both companies, such as NAMUR, we can now contribute our expertise and also further expand the technological partnerships.

„The necessary adjustments have also been implemented quickly in the administrative area, so that onoff AG, for example, changed over its financial year at an early stage,“ says Frank Heines, member of the Board of Management of SpiraTec AG, elaborating on the successful merging.

„After just 250 days, we can say: onoff and SpiraTec are a good fit,“ says Dr. Ganzer, CEO of onoff AG. „The expected positive effects of the merger are materializing and we can jointly promote our expertise on the market,“ says Andreas Schadt, CEO of SpiraTec AG.